Staples Buyers Guide

A bilingual, digital application of the entire Staples Buyers Guide.
Client: Staples Canada
Responsibilities: Design, Information Architecture, Programming
Agency: Triangle Media
Media: CD-ROM

Goal: Lower costs and create an exceptional user experience

Staples had been circulating its Buyers Guide both in-store and through the mail, but with warehouse storage and transportation costs, delivering the 600-page catalogue was a really expensive undertaking. I was asked to convert the print catalogue content into an interactive application that could be installed on a customer's computer, or accessed through an interactive CD-ROM. What a great idea!

Technology that works everywhere

I developed an interactive catalogue that scaled seamlessly to all screen resolutions, including widescreen and 4x3 aspect ratio. Page-flipping technology and interactive indexes and search features made for easier navigation and a better user experience than the printed catalogue. It was a fully-branded, bilingual delivery.

2000% cost savings

Staples was able to save 2000% (yes, you're reading that right - two thousand percent) on costs associated with traditional print and distribution. Enough said.